My Teaching Method

My teaching method to learn English

Do you remember how you learned English in school?

You probably did lots of grammar drills, plenty of dictation, memorized dialogs, and took lots of written tests. The only thing you didn't do is learn how to communicate effectively in English. Isn't that what you need now?

For most adults the real issue is to "wake up" their "textbook" English and develop it to the point where they can confidently use it in the real world. Your need today is to communicate with real people (perhaps in your job) in real English. My job is to guide you there as quickly and pleasantly as possible.

What is the best way to become an effective and confident speaker of English?

The natural approach to language learning is bringing the student's (your) world into the classroom. Today, working adults are not interested in practicing dialogs, they are interested in what is happening in their everyday lives. This becomes the "textbook" for the class, along with other carefully selected materials for strengthening grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading, writing, etc.

What if I can't leave my office?

Classes normally take place in my office at Kreuzplatz, but I also offer classes at your place of work, if required by your circumstances.

What is the teacher's background and experience?

I am a native speaker of English from the United States with a Master of Arts in Teaching English As A Second Language. I have taught in a wide variety of teaching situations in the US, Mexico and Switzerland over many years.

Where is the language school? Is parking available?

The classroom is located in a pleasant office right around the corner from Kreuzplatz in Z├╝rich. There is convenient parking right across the street in the Coop garage or in the nearby Feldegg parking garage.

Are you ready to take the first step?

I invite you to come by for a free half hour consultation. We can meet each other and you can tell me what your needs are and I will show you how we can work together to reach your goals. No obligation, of course!

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