Accountant — he is tired of being the only one of his partners who couldn't speak English well

Sales managers — needed to interface more and more with international clients

Psychologist — she needed to conduct an International Manager training course for a large Swiss company

Reporter for a major Swiss daily newspaper — needed to feel more secure in English in preparation for an assignment in Washington, D.C.

Press and public relations manager — she works for a large Swiss book publisher and needs to communicate with English speakers and authors from all over the world

Nurse — takes many English language seminars

Architect — has frequent meetings with foreign investors and needs to feel more confident about his English

Lawyer — wants to perfect her English just for the challenge

Private Banker — has many international clients with whom he meets frequently to discuss their investments

Psychiatrist — works in a large hospital and often must go to meetings where English is the required language

Medical Doctor — newly retired and wanted to finally become fluent in English

Physical therapist — needed to act as interpreter for seminars featuring visiting English-speaking therapists

Gemologist — many foreign clients came into his shop on Bahnhofstrasse

Agricultural Engineer — goes to European agricultural conferences frequently and also loves to read and discuss English books

Hair stylist — needs to have conversations with her many English speaking customers

Book seller — owns shop in the Old Town and needs to talk with the tourists

Mechanic — loves traveling to America and wants to communicate with the people there

Graphic artist — needs to understand many English computer programs and loves to speak English

Biochemist — needs to improve his English writing skills for research papers submitted to publications

Swiss manager of major computer firm — was preparing for assignment at company headquarters in Texas

Goldsmith — wanted to broaden her horizons

Editor-in-chief of major in-flight magazine — needs to interact more and more with international partners

Secretary — had to greet English-speaking clients in person and on the phone

Psychiatric nurse — takes English seminars in her free time and wants to improve her understanding of English

Engineer — he needed to improve his English in order to advance in a major Swiss company

Former Swiss Federal Councillor — wanted to give a set of lectures at Harvard University and needed an English brush up

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